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World's AIDS Day

1st December 2008


Today, December 1st is World's AIDS Day. Until five years ago, HIV/AIDS was something that touched other people and I felt compassion, but it did not touch me directly.

Five years ago, on a gay Christian message boards I am part of, a new member joined, disclosing his HIV+ status right from the start. What I felt in that moment can't be explained. I didn't yet know this person, but through him, God was putting all those who live with this illness on my heart in a very powerful way. Little did I know too, that this person was going to become one of my very best and most treasured friends.

I now have a large group of friends who live with HIV/AIDS and I simply feel drawn to them because they need Love and friends who Love them as they are.

A lot of people still have prejudices today when it comes to AIDS, a lot of people still don't have the needed knowledge and do not protect themselves as they should. Sadder still, a lot of younger people believe that HIV is now curable !

I engage you all to beat those prejudices, and to look at people as the person that they are, irrespective of any illness that they may have. Lets not let an illness define who someone is, and lets not let an illness alter the way in which we would interact with that person.

People still die from AIDS related illnesses today. While there are more effective medications today than 20 years ago, taking these medications on a long term basis can bring other problems such as higher likelihood of certain types of cancer. Even with taking medication, HIV/AIDS sufferers have a permanently damaged immune system which make it more difficult for them to fight off other illnesses. The medications also bring on some unpleasant side effects that HIV sufferers have to live with on a daily basis.

HIV is not curable as of the time of this writing !
In the past two years, I have lost two very dear friends to HIV related illnesses/heart problems, and I miss them both terribly.

Lets make ourselves aware and lets do all we can to protect ourselves from contracting this illness, and lets pray that a cure will be found in the near future.

Lets also remember today all those who live with HIV/AIDS, their families, and all those who have passed on because of it.