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My Origins

Henri IV bridge

Although I live in England, I actually come from France. My French origins are very important to me, and very much part of who I am as a person. Even after having lived in the UK for 21 years, I still feel like a foreigner in this country (well I am !), and still compare everything to the old French way that I know.

I think that living abroad has actually made me realize how much I took for granted when living in France, and it has given me a far greater appreciation of the French values and way of life.

I do miss my country and my family in France a lot, and often hold on to the future when we will move to France for our retirement.

jardin public Chatellerault

My birth and home town is called Châtellerault. It is a medium size town situated in the centre-west of France, directly on the way from Paris to Spain. It is still the place I call "home" and feel a real emotional attachment to.
The photos on this page are of my home town.

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