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My Mum

my mum

I decided to make a page dedicated to my mum, because she has a great influence on my life still today.

She wasn't perfect by any means but she was the best mum in the World in my eyes, and she was also my friend. She always tried her best for us, fighting all our battles, sometimes doing even too much for us and not teaching us how to be independent.
I always admired her strength, and how she always stood for and spoke up for what she believed in. I guess that is a trait I do get from her, although she was far more outspoken than I am.

Her love, wisdom and her strength, even in her last weeks are something that I always carry with me.

in memory of my mum

She passed away on March 16th 1996 after a year long battle with cancer.

Instead of grieving for her, each year on the anniversary of her passing, I celebrate her life and her birthday in Heaven. I do miss her greatly, and not a week goes by without something reminding me of her. But her spirit and love are always with me, still very much part of my life today.

I love you Mum. Rest in peace.