Alma's life

My Interests

purple sunset


Travelling has always been a passion of mine. I simply love to visit different parts of the world, and experience different cultures and ways of life. Ideally when travelling, I love to stay with people local to the area, who are going to make my experience fuller by showing me the way they live, and show me those little places that aren't on the travel brochures, but that are hidden treasures.

I haven't travelled half as much as I'd like to, nor have I seen many of the places I dream of seeing someday, such as Greenland, Peru, Patagonia and other countries. But I have been able to visit several places in and out of Europe, which I am very grateful for.

When travelling, I love taking photos, and you can see some of the photos of my past travels here.

my vision of Heaven

Spirituality and the After-Life

This is something that has always fascinated me, but never more than since my mother passed away over twelve years ago. I have been blessed to feel her spiritual presence near me many times since her passing, which as reinforced what I already knew and had always believed in, that there is but a thin veil between this world and the next, and that our loved ones who pass on don't like to be separated from us anymore than we do. They are by our side far more often that we are aware of.

The picture above is my vision of what Heaven looks like and how I have seen it in my dreams (well maybe not with the unicorns, but who knows ?)

native american lady


I love a wide variety of music, but as strange as it may seems I do not listen to Chrisian music.
My favourite type of music is by far spiritual music, most of all that of Medwyn Goodall. His music simply touches my soul at its deepest and it is through this music that the Holy Spirit moves me the most. If ever I feel down and need a pick-up, this is the music that will re-energize me. If you enjoy music that relaxes you, that you can meditate to while it re-energizes you, I invite you to give it a try.

Native American music comes close second, as it moves my spirit almost as much.

Native American lady

Native Cultures

As can be seen by some of the pictures on this site and some of my holiday photos, I have a big interest in native cultures, whether they are from North America, Latin America, Greenland, Polynesia, New-Zealand, Australia and others to a lesser degree.
I love learning about the old ways of life and about their spiritual beliefs, most of all the Native American spirituality which I find fascinating.

You can see photos of my visit to the American Indian Museum in Washington DC here, and photos of the traditonal Maori evenings I attended in New-Zealand here.

my inner hero

Fun Stuff

I was given the link to this cool site where one can create their Inner Superhero, so I created mine, and I think she's pretty accurate.

My inner hero has two distinctive sides to her. She is very Loving to God's GLBT children, and all she wants to do is wrap her wings around those who are hurting and make them feel safe, loved and protected. At the same time she is a warrior, and will fight anyone who tries to hurt God's GLBT children.

Despite her vulnerable appearance, she's strong within, and won't let anything stop her in her tracks. She's very determined. She's also got some spiritual gifts, and the great gift of perception.

You too can create your own Inner Superhero here.