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Through My Eyes - DVD directed by Justin Lee
Gay Christian Youth Stories

29th March 2009

Gay Christian Youth Stories DVD

The Gay Christian Network, recently released the DVD Through My Eyes, a DVD in which 26 young GLBT Christians shared their private stories and their journeys in trying to reconcile their faith and sexual orientation, sharing their struggles, fears and the obstacles they encountered.

In doing so, they are hoping to provide support to those who are Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Christian and who are on a similar journey. They also hope to bring understanding to families and friends, as well as to Church leaders, and to better equip them in providing the necessary support to members of their congregations who are GLBT.

I have only seen parts of this DVD myself up to now, but I will get my copy very soon, and will add to this entry then.

I strongly recommend this DVD to anyone who deals with these issues in any way, and to anyone who may want to learn more.

This DVD is not yet available outside the USA, but you can order it on, who will ship to many countries outside the USA. There has been so much interest in this DVD that Amazon is finding it hard to keep up with demand, but they are getting regular supplies, so don't let this put you off.