Alma's life

Costa Rica

In January 2002, our family travelled to Costa Rica for one of our most wonderful holidays to date.

We rented a car and travelled to four different parts of the country, firstly to Manuel Antonio where our hotel was visited daily by a large group of endangered squirrel monkeys, and where we went to one of the nature reserves and saw a lot of wildlife. We then travelled to Monteverde, a little village up in the clouds, then on to Arenal to see the famous volcano (which spent most of its time hiding behind the clouds !), from which we went to spend a day in the wonderful Tabacón resort.

We spent the last part of our holiday in Sugar beach on the Pacific coast, where we had a very peaceful and relaxing time, and were visited by a family of howler monkeys.

I truly love Costa Rica, both for its sceneries, and the abundance of wild life. We hope to be able to go again someday.

In the meantime I hope you enjoy these photos of our time there.

Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio
On our way to Manuel Antonio
Manuel Antonio
The view from our appartment
Manuel Antonio
Beautiful view over the Pacific ocean from our appartment balcony
Manuel Antonio beach
Espadilla Sur beach
squirrel monkeys
Tiny endangered squirrel monkeys that visited our hotel daily
squirrel monkeys
Family of squirrel monkeys underneath our balcony
squirrel monkey
Squirrel monkey after finding food on the ground
Iguana posing in front of plant
Not very friendly looking spider in its web
Tiny ants carrying a large ant back to their nest