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Châtellerault, the town I was born in and grew up in, is a situated in the center west of France, and like many French towns and cities, has many very old houses, and churches.

I realized last year that I didn't have any proper photos of my home town to show people, so I took all of these just to share.

Pont Henri IV
Bridge Henry IV - Pont Henri IV
mairie de Chatellerault
Town Hall - Mairie
Centre Ville
Town center - Centre ville
Jet d'eau
Water fountain - Jet d'eau
Bibliothèque Municipale
Main Library - Bibliothèque Municipale
Main Post office - Poste Principale
Café de l'Industrie
One of the main cafes - Café de l'Industrie
Jardin public
Public park in town center - Jardin public
Jardin public
Public park - Jardin public